The Great Parade is about to begin!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Many streets will be closed for The Great Parade, so we encourage you to use public transportation. To come by subway, take the number 4 train to Kingston Avenue. Outside the station, follow the instructions in the “How do I get to my seat?” video.

Seating Map

Step 1: Arriving

You must present your Great Parade wristband to enter reserved seating areas.

How do I get my wristband and t-shirt?



Your group coordinator has been sent t-shirts and wristbands for your group. Please arrange to pick them up before Sunday morning. (Are you a group coordinator? Please contact us if you have not received your shipment.)


T-shirts and wristbands must be picked up on FRIDAY, APRIL 30 between 9:00am and 5:00pm at the Jewish Children’s Museum, 792 Eastern Parkway (corner Kingston Avenue).
Please bring your confirmation number and ID.
If you are coming from out of town, your t-shirt and wristband may be picked up on Sunday, MAY 2 between 9:00am and 9:45am at 332 Kingston Avenue, (between Carroll and President Streets). Please bring your confirmation number and ID.

PUBLIC (no reservation):

You do not need a wristband to access the public standing areas.

Where will I sit?

Find your group’s name in the list below. Next to the name you will see the seating section and the entrance and exit gates. If your group is marching in the parade, your marching order is also indicated. Public standing areas are indicated in beige.

How do I get to my seat?


Group Buses


Step 2: The Great Parade

Where do I march, Where do I watch?


Step 3: Fair, Show and Concerts

How do I get there?